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The Genting Group is a company headquartered in the Wisma Genting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It comprises the holding company Genting Berhad (MYX: 3182), its listed subsidiaries Genting Malaysia Berhad, Genting Plantations Berhad (MYX: 2291), Genting Singapore Plc, as well as its wholly-owned subsidiary Genting Energy Limited. Founded in 1965 by the late Malaysian entrepreneur Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong, the Genting Group is headed by Tan Sri Dato Seri Lim Kok Thay, the Chairman, and Chief Executive, who joined the Group in 1976.

A former employee shared his/her experience working for Genting on Indeed in June 2019:

"The workplace gives you Depression, highest stress, workplace bullying cannot be reported, may suffer humiliation, low salary and overworked, many work restrictions, easily get fired with minimal wrongdoing, extremely strict, working 7days a week, only 4 off days per month, promotion not available unless you have a Degree and discrimination of all kinds."


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Former Employee - Senior Croupier says

"Everything really, shocking abuse from customers to awful pay."

Former Employee - Server/Waiter says

"everything else. work atmosphere, working hours, career progression"

Current Employee - Assistant Manager says

"I have faced redundancy after 5 years because of the COVID-19"

Current Employee - Manager says

"This company will deduct your salary by 20-50% when it has financial difficulties. Saying it is voluntary, but you are required to explain to your supervisors about why you opt out from this voluntary salary deduction. Preferable for those who work for interest, not money."

Current Employee - Receptionist says

"Everything was bad, don’t work here"

Current Employee - Assistant Manager says

"Immature and unhealthy working culture. Managers encouraged subordinates to stay for OT even when all tasks are done. Limited to none career advancement opportunity. Noisy hostel. Inconsiderate neighbors. Break in and snatch theft cases on the rise due to influx of foreign workers who stays at genting. 6 days week or work 26 days straight with 4 days off. It’s a typical chinaman company."

Current Employee - Outbound Sales Officer says

"no support, messy at all, the management was crazy, all the policy can be change without reason"

Current Employee - Staff says

"Plenty of cons due to extremely poor management team. Old fashion management. Plenty of cover ups by HR department on workplace bullying and discrimination, the company favours all higher management, very high turnover, unfair and bias treatment by HR, long hours working very short days to rest, overwork, lack of manpower, employees benefits very limited, no promotion for working long years, breached the company own code of ethics, MC need to deduct salary, easy to be suspended, long list of rules, easy to get fired, sexual harassment and criminal intimidation happens. No career opportunity. One worker covers 10 people’s job, extremely low salary that does not follow jobs actual wages."

Former Employee - Table Games Supervisor says

"1. Staff quarters are tiny and mouldy. 2. Staff benefits getting less year by year 3. Parking for staff requires monthly payment 4. Absolutely horrible food provided during working hours, many cases of food poisoning 5. Staff incentives are supposedly based on personal performance but are often cut due to petty reasons such as specific customer winnings and favouritism. Even used against staff members when staff union demanded the abolishing of parking fees 6. Still using archaic technology 7. Hiring overseas staff who can only speak their local tongue instead of having a prerequisite of at least 3 languages, one of it being English 8. Management prefers bullying and political play instead of professionalism. Often push the blame onto others and scold openly in front of customers even without proper proof 9. A lot of the Assistant Managers prefer acting like gangsters to threaten staff members whenever being informed of certain unavoidable problems like claim disputes and machine failure 10. Assistant Managers with lacking job knowledge making wrong decisions and then scolding staff members for doing the right thing 11. One particular Assistant Manager calling security over to escort staff members out for speaking out against the bully which he deemed "violently threatening" 12. One other Assistant Manager who thinks a local Malaysian Chinese speaking to her in English means "challenging her""

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Horrendous bullying culture of upper management to lower employees. IT and technical facilities archaic HR is a mess and continually made mistakes, Accommodation of sorts provided but in many cases mouldy, staff expected to provide basics such as heaters and dehumidifiers both essential to the resort. Health coverage substandard Meal card a bonus but hugely restricted at peak times"

head of IT (Former Employee) says

"Karir dan bekerja banyak politik Bekerja seperti kerja rodi .banyak hukum rimbaTidak adaJenjang karir berbau politik dan rasis"

Staff (Former Employee) says

"The workplace gives you Depression, highest stress, workplace bullying cannot be reported, may suffer humiliation, low salary and over worked, many work restrictions, easily get fired with minimal wrongdoing, extremely strict, working 7days a week, only 4 off days per month, promotion not available unless you have a Degree, and discrimination of all kinds.HostelHostel not really provided, salary cut."

Hospitality staff (Current Employee) says

"serving hot and cold drinks, serving customers, cooking, cleaning. having good communication with colleagues and managers and working under pressure with put stressing.nice colleagues to work withnot enough staff"

Gaming Product Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Managers are bully’s and if they don’t like you they get rid of you. Machines not set up correctly due to lack of tranining from the company as a whole. Head of gaming products is racist. Poor support Don’t appropriate staff members.GamingNone"

Hospitality Team Member (Former Employee) says

"not a good place to work, manger needs to see whats actually going on in that place made my life horrible as well as my partners. managers don't praise you for the good things you do only the bad things.nothingterrible managerment"

waitress (Former Employee) says

"Good training 11:00 - 23:00 opening hours - no scope to work a day shift or finish before late evening. No weekends off (rare) or requests for days off ignored. Often worked more than 40 hours - no pay for overtime. Managers lacked direction and information - rotas not issued until mid-week for following week. No sense of routine for breaks / meal breaks. Manager entertaining friends to food & drinks - no payments received - and manager drank whole bottles of Prosecco (drunk!) with his 'Z List celebrity' pals on more than one occasion...really unprofessional behaviour. Management would skip off home formal handover of responsibility...late coming to work. I have opened up and sorted the float out in managers' absence in order to ensure ready for customers on time... Despite waiting staff efforts, customers complained of delays receiving drinks (bar staff) or orders (kitchen) or quality of food. Waiting staff did their best to rectify/resolve problems with customers. Left because of long hours (making me ill) and no social life. Rarely saw my family despite living in the same house! No-one seemed to care... Very disillusioned...had hoped for a good career with this company and was willing to learn and work hard to achieve that - but the lack of guidance, focus or professional pride in the management team made that impossible, in an atmosphere of bullying and apathy. I am saddened to make this review so negative - it is the last thing I expected to do having approached the job with enthusiasm, confidence and high hopes for a brightGood salary, attractive work environmentVery poor managenent - inexperienced, badly trained, unprofessional conduct, bullying, long hours, no life/work balance"

Assistant Marketing Manager (Former Employee) says

"- If you are passionate about marketing & communications, this is NOT the place for you, no matter it is Genting, Dream Cruises or Star Cruises, as all brands are under the same marketing head, who is really bad and lack professional knowledge - So many marketing teams with poor information flow - Extremely bureaucratic and lots of office politics - No matter which “marketing” team you are in, as long as it is marketing related, you will always suffer, as the top management doesn’t understand marketing at all, NEVER listen with bad temper - Top management cannot provides concrete feedback and direction after rejecting ideas, which means you have to keep doing revision and being rejected endlessly - This company only like “yes-man” - No room for growth as you can only do what company asks you to do, they will not value your opinions - For a company which has been established for more than 20 years, no one in the management knows what is "planning". Everything is just a mess - Management are incompetent without solid knowledge and titles are just to make them look niceCruise discount"

Pit Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"1)夜班多,工作时间不定时。2)有提供工作餐。a) 一般是营养不健康的食物。 b) 吃饭时间短3)长时间站立。4)有提供免费医疗服务。a) 没有责任心和无心工作的医生。5)有免费住宿。a)房间空间小。 b) 天气太冷,房间里也很冷。 重复性质的工作,无聊。可学会客服。公司文化是管理层说一套做另一套,欺下瞒上。可学会做人,学不会的人会很惨。"

inspector/dealer (Former Employee) says

"try to enterprotate what an Italian who has payed £3500 to be trained in the art of gaming table while trying to get them to understand what is required aswell as taking bets explaining to them what they should be doing,plus trying to do an hourly score and watching 3 other tables at the same time making sure that no one is cheating or being payed out wrong in a matter of every 2 to 3 minutes.your first break could be about 1 and a half hours away for witch you get 25 to 30 minutes.2nd break could be upto 3 and half hours away.3rd break if your lucky 10 to 15 minutes depending on how slow the night was.i did find new skills to do within the industry but i found it was hit and miss and if your face fitted. Management very poor noticed when things where going wrong not really wanting to know unless it promoted them.Work place culture,if your short staffed ah well deal with it you,ve got a job put it down to all these people who call in sick.I had worked in that industry for 33 years i think i had approximately 5 absences 2 times for my dad and mum dying 1 after a motorbike crash and 2 for hospital admissions.The hardest part of the job was seeing the industry pushed into decline when you know that it does not have to be that way.Example you need more play on the live game but they do two thing wrong up the min stakes up the get you to advertise to customers about playing online,at the same time they say the live games that are linked into the electronic gaming is still staying the witch would you play on a game you find the min stake is 5p or a live game witch is going"

Receptionist/croupier (Former Employee) says

"The company as a whole, has some fantastic training facilities but unfortunately are under utilised by the Bolton branch. Morale amongst the staff has reached a low point due to poor man management, with no desire to support the staff or help solve issues. More care is given to profit margins. Very little chance for progression here, moving on to a larger club would allow faster movement up the ladder. Unfortunately, a business that destroys any ounce of a social life outside of the staff circle. Pay does not reflect the time or length of shifts required to work and most certainly does not reflect the amount of rubbish that must be taken from customers.Friendly staffPoor management. Low staff morale."

Employee (Former Employee) says

"Stress, sleep deprivation and mental health problems. Staff leaving because of stress/anxiety due to lack of support from the management, leading to more pressure on the remaining employees to pick up the slack due to being understaffed and the rota’s poorly managed. No praise given for good performance but condecending criticism readily given for any mistake. Managers mostly leave you to it unless you mess up. Empty promises are made and not kept, no opportunities for progression as when higher positions become available they are outsourced with no opportunity given to current staff. Performance related pay is a lie and the hours are anti social and far too long. The only rewarding thing about this job is interacting with regular customers. At least they praise you occasionally and care about your wellbeing.Most of the customers are nicePoor management, no career progression, awful pay"

Casino line (Former Employee) says

"Most probably the basic salary was not that good, but yet they giving allowance to cover up the average salary but now the company are cutting of salary (allowance). So I would say you will be having low salary if you going to join in this year.You are able to learn tons of thingsThe management wouldn't recognize of your hardwork"

Security Operative (Former Employee) says

"its a cool place to work at times . management is not that friendly there you not allowed to talk to staff staff are not treated good all management just care about getting the job done and that it"

HR Executive (Former Employee) says

"Apparently, executives in Genting Malaysia Berhad are very much looking at hierarchy of the office. Much opinions has been filtered before reaching up to the Top Management. Culture has worsen as people are pushing responsibility from one to anotherFree Accommodation and MealsUndetermined Working Hours"

Accounts Supervisor (Current Employee) says

"Basically, the job of an accounts supervisor is repetitive and can be quite challenging. In the banking section, i learnt the overall structure of casino funds and monitoring. My main duties are to assist the executives in updating daily worksheets into the SAP system,handling accounts payable and receivable from casino cages and some administrative and other ad-hoc tasks when required. Colleagues are very friendly and helpful at work. There are no issues in communication regardless of age and race difference. On special occasions such as Chinese new year and Christmas, company would organize free concerts and give out special gifts to the employees. We are also entitled to special discounts for both apparels and drinks in the shopping malls. Even though the company is doing very well and provides high job security, there is zero development and employees could feel boring and tired after working sometime. Besides having to work during the weekends (7 days a week), there is lack of guidance and training provided. The materials for completing job is not sufficient as the machines such as printer is always having a breakdown and leads to low productivity at work. Graduates and new joiners might eventually lose interest in the first few months of job because they are expected to follow the standard operating procedures and given very few chances to voice feedback or dissatisfaction towards the job.High bonus, Free accomodation, various benefits during special occasions, cooling environment, friendly colleaguesLong hours, high overtime hours, high turnover, lack of trainings and materials for self development"

Croupier (Former Employee) says

"Although some areas were really fun to work in other areas I just couldnt improve as a lot of training wasnt available so advancement was very difficultfree hot dinnersadvancement very difficult"

Hospitality Team Member (Former Employee) says

"It was a good job overall. The type of job just was not for me and I would not recommend it to anyone who goes university or has other responsibilities. Too much work for not enough staff, gets you extremely nervous, and the managers don't try and make it any easy.salarylong hours, did not provide food, rude staff"

Guest Service Crew (Former Employee) says

"Not really good environment. Management. I learn many things Not repeating the same task good boss very understanding co workers. helping each other."

Hospitality staff member/ Cashier (Former Employee) says

"Busy work environment, casino is open 24/7 364 days a year. Can be very stressful at times, various shifts in one week (mornings, nights and day shifts) Casino is open on every bank holiday, weekend, etc. Nobody can avoid working on Christmas, or New Year's Eve. I made some good friends."

WARDEN (Former Employee) says

"The best part when work at genting is actually we just come bring a bag because they prepare all of things that you need . They got laundry and dryer but you need to pay it when use it.Got free medical check up also free cable car.People surround in team." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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